The following rates apply from January 1, 2017:


Flakk-Rørvik – Without AutoPASS

Price single ticket including ferry fares and tolls Ferry fare Tolls
<6 m
NOK 237,00 NOK 145,00 NOK 92,00
6.01-12 m
NOK 535,00 NOK 351,00 NOK 184,00
>12 m
NOK 1106,00 NOK 830,00 NOK 276,00
MC NOK 86,00 NOK   86,00 *


Flakk-Rørvik – with AutoPASS agreement

Price per crossing including ferry fares and tolls Advance Amount
50% discount 50% discount
Kjøretøy <6 m
NOK 118,50 NOK 4 740,00
Kjøretøy 6.01-12 m NOK 267,50 NOK
10 700,00
Kjøretøy >12 m NOK 553,00 NOK
22 120,00


* Special conditions for MC

Ferry Fares include 8% VAT. There is no VAT on toll fee.

Special Conditions
* Motorcycles and mopeds are not paying tolls. Ferry fare pay for passage on board the ferry. There you can pay for a single passage or buy discount cards. The card can also be used on all ferry involved in the ferry Card Association and therefore also the car up to 8 meters. See for complete list. The card can only be purchased on the ferry.

Electric vehicles with fuelcode 5 in the vehicle are exempted by the passageRequires AutoPASS agreement exemption in another toll company.

Pedestrians, cyclists and passengers in all vehicles are exempt from the payment.

Vehicles acquired with support from the government
For vehicles purchased with support from the government there is a discount on the price of a single ticket. To get the discount you must enter into a AutoPASS agreement and a supplementary agreement with Fjord1 MRF AS. Evidence from NAV must be attached the agreement form.

One can conclude a postpaid contract with 50% discount, where you get a monthly bill after the passages..

Advance Agreement
One can also make a regular contract and pay in an advance amount, where passages are drawn continuously.

Passing without Agreement
If you seldom use the connection and do not have a chip, you can get in touch with us when there comes an invoice for the full price of the item and the amount will be changed so that the discount is maintained. Documentation must be submitted by NAV.


Value Card:
Vehicles up to 8 meters
Advance Amount: NOK 3 200,- Discount: 50 %
Vehicles between 8 and 17 meters
Discount: Minimum: NOK 12 800,- Discount: 50 %
Vehicles over 17 meter
Advance Amount: Minimum NOK 24 300,- Discount: 50 %


2017: Toll fares on ferry Brekstad – Valset (ferry fare is additional)

Discount Length of vehicle
Under 6 m 6-12 m over 12 m
0 % NOK 73 NOK 146 NOK 219
50 % * NOK 36,50 NOK 73 NOK 109,50


2016: Ferry fares at ferry Brekstad – Valset

From 2012, there was introduced a toll on vehicles in communications, see separate info.

Tariffs single tickets Zone 6 + toll

Adults NOK 36
Children NOK 18
Seniors NOK 18
Car up to 6 m NOK 165
Car 6-7 m NOK 371
Car 7-8 m NOK 411
Car 8-10 m NOK 494
Car 10-12 m NOK 563
Car 12-14 m NOK 709
Car 14-17 m NOK 812
Car 17 – 19 m NOK 897
Car 19 – 22 m NOK 1000
MC and moped car NOK 61



under 3500 kg

over 3500 kg
Number of local crossings


Advance Amount Prices Advance Amount Prices
Without Agreement 0 % NOK 73 NOK 219
Group 1, Private/ Firm 20 % NOK  2800  NOK 56 NOK 8400 50