If you already have a chip and contract with Flakk-Rørvik you dont`t have to do anything. Toll fare is automatically added when passing from January 1, 2012. Advance to be paid on the contract will be automatically adjusted after January 1, 2012.

Rates for vehicle length (from 01/01/2012): (Source: www.autopass.no)

Single passage: Vehicles 0-6 meters: NOK 88.00 (+ ferry fare) Vehicles from 6.01 to 12 meters: NOK 176.00 (+ ferry fare) Vehicles over 12 meters: NOK 264.00 (+ ferry fare) Motorcycles: do not pay tolls (ferry fare)

AutoPASS agreement with 50% discount: Vehicles 0-6 meters (advance NOK 4 420, -) Vehicles from 6.01 to 12 meters (down NOK 9,980, -) Vehicles over 12 feet (advance NOK 20 620 -)

Passing with AutoPASS chip is valid when AutoPASS contract is paid.
See also> www.flakkrorvik.no for more information

Toll payments for ferry connection Flakk-Rørvik is automatically performed. You should not stop, but drive straight through. There are no coin machines or booths for manual payment.

There are 4 payment options for Flakk-Rørvik:

With AutoPASS

1. AutoPASS contract with Fjord 1 MRF AS
AutoPASS agreement with the ferry company Fjord 1 MRF AS give you 50 percent discount on all crossings. You can either have a common agreement or an agreement in which passing data is not available and will be deleted within 72 hours. Agreement is signed at our web site: www.fosenvegene.no

2. AutoPASS with a valid contract in another company
The crossing by ferry can be paid with a valid AutoPASS agreement. The crossing will be charged from your original contract (the company where you bought your chip) at full price.

Without AutoPASS

3. Invoice thru postal mail – payment after the passage
If you drive thru the toll post without a chip/contract, a photo is taken of your licens plate. There will be sent an invoice with postal mail to the owner of the vehicle within 1-3 months after the passage. Only passing fee will be charged with no extra charge on the invoice.

4. Cash payment on the ferry
You may also pay for the crossing to the staff on board the ferry. Then there will be no invoice for the passage. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Special conditions apply:
Motorcycles and mopeds are paying for the passage aboard the ferry. There is no toll for motorcycles and mopeds. Pedestrians, cyclists and passengers in all types of vehicles are exempted from payment. Other exemptions follow applicable regulations. Exemption on toll portion follows the rules for ferry connection.

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