There are five options of payment for the toll gate at FV715 Krinsvatn.

With AutoPASS

1. AutoPASS agreement with Fosenvegene AS
AutoPASS agreement with Fosenvegene AS gives a 20 percent discount off the passages. You can either have a common agreement or an agreement in which passing data is not available and will be deleted within 72 hours. Agreement are signed at our web pages:

2. AutoPASS with a valid agreement in another company
Tolls can be paid with a valid auto-PASS contract. Tolls will then be charged from your your basic agreement (the company where you got your chip) with a 10 percent discount.

Without AutoPASS

3. Invoice thru postal mail – payment after the passage
If you pass the toll post without a chip/contract, a photo will be taken of your licence plates. There will be sent an invoice thru postal mail to the owner of the vehicle within 1-3 months after passage. Only the passing fee will be charged, and no extra cost on the invoice.

The following groups of vehicles are exempt from payment of FV 715 Krinsvatn:

  • Passengers in all types of vehicles
  • Walkers and cyclists
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Uniformed emergency vehicles and civil emergency vehicles in service *
  • Vehicles commissioned by Statens Vegvesen who are working on the road *
  • Vehicles in funeral procession **
  • Electric vehicles with fuel code 5 *
  • Hydrogen Cars (HY in the license number) *

* Requires valid AutoPASS agreement and that the toll company is informed of the exemption type.
** Assumes that Fosenvegene AS has been notified.

FosenNamsos Sjø

FosenNamsos Sjø