The main road network in Fosen generally of low standard. The roads are narrow and winding with poor visibility and goes through local residential areas. Fosen package includes upgrading and new construction of approximately 280 km of roads in Fosen.

The aim of Fosen package is to improve road standards in the region, shorten travel time to Trondheim and reduce road congestion and road safety.
Fosen has about 27 500 inhabitants and a multitude of industries. There is also the 9500 holiday homes on Fosen. Better roads can facilitate a positive development regionally.

Fosen package consists of 18 sub-projects in three development stages. The order of the sub-projects are approved by all affected municipalities. Subprojects in Fosen package is estimated to cost a total of about 1.7 billion. 75 percent of the investment cost comes from tolls, while Sor-Trondelag County and Nord-Trøndelag County Council covers 25 percent. Collection period for toll is 15 years.

Information about payment options can be found under «Prices and Payment».

  • With a ferry card you get 50 percent off Brekstad-Valset.
  • With AutoPASS and local deal you get 50 percent off Flakk-Rørvik.
  • With AutoPASS and local deal you get 20 percent discount on toll Krinsvatn.

If you already have a contract with Flakk-Rørvik you don`t need to do anything. Toll fare is automatically added to the passage. Advance payment to be paid into the Agreement will also be automatically adjusted.

AutoPASS is the Norwegian system for electronic payment of tolls. If you have a valid one AutoPASS agreement you will be able to pass through the toll plaza without stopping. The passage will be charged from the company where you got your chip.

You only get discount from the toll company at which you have signed the agreement. If you want more discount from other companies, you must sign an agreement with each company.

For more information see the website Autopass:

When you sign a toll agreement, you have a choice to opt for not to use in other companies. If you have checked this, your chip will only be valid in the toll company you sign an agreement.

If you have selected and opt for use in other companies, your chip will work in all companies in Scandinavia associated with the Autopass system.
The invoice from passages in other companies will have the specification «Easygo» .

It doesn`t cost anything to enable chip for all companies, you only pay for the passes. Passes in separate companies will be charged your agreement with the agreed discount rate, and passages with no contract will be charged your agreement to the full price. Some toll companies provide 10 % discount when passing.

To get discount from other companies than where you got your chip, you must sign a separate agreement with that company. You will use the chip you already have. You should only have one chip per car.

You must make sure that you have positive customer balance when you pass a Autopass toll plaza, otherwise you risk getting additional charge.
Note that light signals may vary at different systems.

Don`t have a toll agreement/chip from before (Basic Agreement):
The chip / Agreement is activated immediately. You do not get proper light signal until after the first invoice is registered as paid.

If you have not received the first invoice within 3 weeks after subscription please contact the toll company.

Have chip from another systems (Supplementary Agreement):
The agreement is valid only when the agreement has a positive balance. This means that once you have paid the first invoice the deal is valid.

If a supplemental agreement does not have a positive balance, the passages will be charged in the company where you have the chip at no discount.

Individuals may connect up to two vehicles to an Autopass Agreement. This is done via the «My Page» on the web or by oral / written contact with the toll company.

A company can have several vehicles connected to an agreement. Advance amount is calculated from the number of vehicles in the agreement.

You can make changes via «My Page» on the Internet. Alternatively you must contact the toll company within three days of change. Customer number and registration number of the vehicles involved must be stated.

Also remember to inform about the date from which you want the changes to take effect, up to 3 days ago.

The chip comes with installation instructions. Vehicles newer than 2004 often have a metallised windscreen and then the chip must be installed in a separate field in the windshield.

Contact your dealer regarding chip location if you have metallised windscreen in your vehicle.

Billing Agreement:
When the balance of the agreement enters 25% of the original amount, there is automatically sent out a new invoice. This is indicated by a white light signal. If you have not received your invoice within 14 days after the first white light signal then please contact the toll company.

If you have a large consumption, and will pay even if you have not received the new invoice, you can use the invoice data from an old invoice and pay from there.

Billing on the passage without contract:
You will receive an invoice for the passage within 2 months.

All invoices associated with advance contracts are without due dates. You will have a new invoice automatically sent to you when the balance is down to 25% of the original amount.

You will have white light when passing, meaning that the invoice is underway. Invoices must be paid before the balance becomes 0.

It will take about a week from the time we receive payment until the light turns green. Passages in this period will come into your contract with discount.

Chip from Fosenvegene AS
The chip is to be returned to the operator or you may come to one of our service stations. Only when the operator receives the chip the agreement will be terminated and eventually settled.

If the chip / agreement shall be terminated on a specific date before the operator receives the chip, please contact the company by telephone and then send the chip.

Include your account number so that the residual amount and the deposit paid will be transferred directly to your bank account within 90 days after receiving the notice.

Chip from another toll company
Submit notice by mail or via «My Page» to the company where you have the contract.

Include your account number so that the residual amount and the deposit paid will be transferred directly to your bank account within 90 days after receiving the notice.

You will get a chip mount at your local service station. A list of our service stations can be found under the «Prices and Payment».

To sign a deal for environmental vehicles you must fill out a request form which is available at the service station or by contacting the operator.

A copy of the vehicle registration certificate shall be submitted along with the request form.

It is not possible to do this via the web.

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