Why Toll?


The main road network in Fosen generally of low standard. The roads are narrow and winding with poor visibility and goes through local residential areas. Fosen package includes upgrading and new construction of approximately 280 km of roads in Fosen.

The aim of Fosen package is to improve road standards in the region, shorten travel time to Trondheim and reduce road congestion and road safety.
Fosen has about 27 500 inhabitants and a multitude of industries. There is also the 9500 holiday homes on Fosen. Better roads can facilitate a positive development regionally.

Fosen package consists of 18 sub-projects in three development stages. The order of the sub-projects are approved by all affected municipalities. Subprojects in Fosen package is estimated to cost a total of about 1.7 billion. 75 percent of the investment cost comes from tolls, while Sor-Trondelag County and Nord-Trøndelag County Council covers 25 percent. Collection period for toll is 15 years.